Home From The 2012 Battlefield Prayer Tour

Well we have returned from our 2012 Battlefield Prayer Tour and I feel it was most likely our best one yet… God really moved and we are so thankful for all the Lord has done..
We will be sharing many of the teaching clips on our You Tube channel and on our Ministry web site; http://www.acts2618.com
Please be sure to check them out. Also sharing many of them on Facebook.

The Tour took us to Gettysburg PA, Antietam in Maryland, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Brandy Station, Germmana Ford, In Virginia. All of these places hold dear and special sentiment to me and my family.. Many of you know that my Great, great, great Uncle was Brig. General Elisha Franklin (Frank) (Bull) Paxton CSA; the 5th commander of the famed “Stonewall Brigade”… He was Killed at Chancellorsville, where a monument has been placed in his honor as well as a plague describing a bit about him. He is from Lexington, VA and we have done 2 tours there so far as well. He is buried there along with other family members.
Every time we do one of these prayer tours involving history, God always; always speaks and the video’s have blessed thousands over the years. We do plan to continue doing these outreach tours and tv tapings.
We may also do some on the Revolutionary War in the future.

One theme that ran constant throughout the whole tour was w must as a nation, turn to God in repentance. This is the time to pray for America as never before. This is a critical election year in our country and Gods people must fight on their knees for the well being of the USA. Please join us in continuing prayer for America.

We were very pleased to meet and include Dan and Anna Aquino in this tour. They are so polite and gracious. We so enjoyed sharing stories and having a great time with these folks. Also, our friend Dennis O’Daniel was with us for a special day of taping. Always good to hear from Dennis. Plus, we met upwards of 50 + other wonderful people on this tour and most of them were very responsive to us.. Awesome time.

The film clips are among our best I believe and God put out a couple of very clear words. I firmly believe He had the right speakers including my wife Angie, who is starting to speak more and I am thrilled about that. She has such a heart for the Lord.

The Lord taught me many things about choosing the right associates in ministry and also expanded His word “Reciprocal” in my heart and some of the message clips really draws from these powerful lessons from Jesus. Some are strong and have already drawn some ‘polite’ criticism. But as I always say, you will have to take that up with my boss, The Lord Jesus Christ… God is about to bind people together when the interest runs both ways between their ministries and my advise is to never chase people; chase God.. Go where you are celebrated, not merely tolerated. There will be several upcoming entries where I will deal in depth with these subjects.

The video clips really speak for themselves and so by watching them you should get an excellent feel for what we did on this tour.
I am amazed at how the Lord uses these times to lift up, instruct,caution,and reveal…… God still speaks in these last days and it is imperative that we learn to discern His voice. Many are too busy doing their own thing to enter in to a setting where God is speaking to a group. This is sad and one thing the Lord has put in my heart to address. Sometimes we learn that leaders need to learn to be content to listen instead of speak and does not matter who they are. I am grateful for the God connections He is bringing into our lives.

Next for us is the Big Ticket Festival this weekend. Will be trying to make new connections for Bible distribution and evangelism. Many great contemporary Christian Music bands will be there and I really love that music.. Should be an awesome time. More on this later……..

So I will close this out for now but allow me to encourage you; if you watch our videos and would like to be in a clip with us at a meeting or Battlefield or other venue, we would love to talk with you. If you are willing to participate in the event then you can feel free to contact me and we can talk. God bless you all and thanks for watching, listening, and reading the things our ministry puts out and we also apprecciate and thank those of you that support our work financially… God bless you all….. Amen……

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