Big Ticket Festival Was Awesome………..

We have just returned from a day at the Big Ticket Festival in Allegan, MI and allow me to tell you that Jesus is being lifted up in Michigan.. What a time we had praising the Lord Jesus Christ. I have had some few to tell me over the years that Modern Contemporary, Christian music does not bring glory to God…. Let me assure you friends; THEY ARE WRONG…. All of this great music we heard DOES GLORIFY GOD…..

The picture I have posted is of the Sidewalk Prophets, one of my very favorite Christian bands. We love the way these guys give it their all and bring hope in Jesus to all who hear.. I am bringing them to Traverse City in 2013 for a Child Cry benefit concert; but more on that later…. Sidewalk Prophets- One of my Favorite bands. In my opinion, the best live band right now.
We were blessed to be able to see Chris August, The Cisco Kids, Thirty Nine Thoughts, Laura Story, The Lake Effect Band, Chosen Band, plus several other Worship bands that I do not know the name of; and of course, The Awesome Sidewalk Prophets. Plus we met with many other various ministries represented there. Making new contacts and networking is critical in these last days. Next year we plan to go to all 3 days of this Festival…..

The Lord continues to amaze me as He changes our friends and associates from those who were so judgmental and critical to the new friends we have today who are really flowing with the moving of the Holy Spirit… I am so thankful that the Lord got through to us on this… He has assured me that even more great changes are coming… Glory to God..

One great contact the Lord Jesus gave us is with a young Christian Rock Band; “Thirty nine Thoughts”…. These folks love Jesus and their primary concern is to go out and win souls to Jesus…. Unlike so many I know that constantly cry about “no body calling them to preach.” These kids know that God has called them to preach and they are going out to compel them to come in, as the Bible says… Angie and I will be supplying them with Bibles to give away in their concert altar calls and youth rallies; and street outreaches.. Praise The Lord for this awesome door opening. One thing I really like about these guys is that though they are young, the entire time we were talking, they were very interested and attentive. They were not standing there texting others while we were trying to converse. They were very polite. I like that. Christians should show an interest when others are sharing with them.. Amen..
I am totally unimpressed with those who are only into doing their own thing.. These kids showed me a lot of hope and grace in their generation; more than alot of adult believers I know.. 🙂

Another ministry I was real impressed with was “Project AK-47″… These folks rescue Child Soldiers and help them towards a better future and introduce them to Christ. We are looking into various ways we can help them with some projects. One thing we will be doing is a video clip about them. We already did a shout out with them in it and will be doing a full clip soon…
This is another example of not waiting for people to come to you but taking the Gospel and help to where they are..

So, we had a great time jammin for Jesus, sharing our faith, encouraging each other, and so much more at the Big Ticket Festival 2012… I highly recommend this festival to one and all.. There is literally something for all ages…
If you live within driving distance, you will want to come on out for Big Ticket next year..
…. and remember, Jesus is the ROCK……….

P.S. The Message Of The Cross Was Preached Through Every Contemporary Song, Witness, Testimony, Artist, and Speaker associated with this Awesome Godly Event…………

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2 Responses to Big Ticket Festival Was Awesome………..

  1. Steve Dawson says:

    Pastor Len, you words are very encouraging. You obviously get it… the call on our lives. Thank you for the kind words… Thirty-Nine Thoughts is ready to partner in ministry in getting His Word into their hands!!

  2. God Bless you Steve… We count it an awesome honor to join hands with you and others in these last days… Love you guys in the Lord…..

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