Weekend Update 4/20/2013

Hello Everybody!

I am home for this weekend and its just days before our 2013 Battlefield Prayer Tour in the great state of Virginia. Angie and I will be leaving May 1 and returning May 12. During that time there will be no updates on this blog most likely. But I will be doing Spreaker Radio Updates on my channel. On this years tour I will be preaching 4 times and doing numerous clips for television; as well as taking part in a Civil War Reenactment at Chancellorsville, VA.

I also wanted to let everyone know that we are totally updating our Audio/Video page on our main website; putting everything into categories for easier access. Thats why there has been so many posts lately and thereby filling your emails with alerts. Please be patient. Once the updating is finished then, of course, the posts will slow down. You can check it out Here http://blog.acts2618.com/

Remember that Monday April 22 is our all day preach a thon on Spreaker and the Ministry Radio channel is listed in our ministry links on the right hand side of this blog. Please join us throughout the day as you are able. Participation has always made the difference in this ministry!

God bless you and see you next time,

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