Nuggets From My Facebook Page/ May 2013

In Many circles these days, there is precious little seeking of the will of God. One reason is because we automatically presume we know it…. But we must realize that in the economy of God Bigger is not always better; Numbers are not the gauge by which true spiritual success is measured. In Christ, sometimes the road less traveled is still the finest path. Do not presume that God is looking at your life through your eyes but rather pray to see it through HIS!!! We must return to seeking HIS will carefully if we ever hope to see revival……..

To many are far to busy proclaiming their innocence rather than pleading the Blood of Jesus!

As a Christian, you may not be drunk down at the bar….. But, are you drunk on the spirit of this age? This is an urgent hour…. Its the time to let Jesus purge our lives!

Jesus urges his followers to “seize the day” because no one knows when he will return. But we do know that each of us will come face-to-face with Jesus and give an account of how we have lived for him.
Jesus wants us to be ready no matter when he returns—to be “faithful and wise” servants (Matthew 24:45). Who are the faithful and wise servants? Those who are ready—those whom the Master finds doing his will when he returns.

Jesus…… This ole world is pretty jaded….. But I still believe…. You can wash away our stains…. and set the captives free….. I will Not stop calling on your Name!!! (idea from a song by Rotterham November)

Every Time we choose to worship Jesus……. we denounce the tyranny of this world that holds us in bondage by telling us “Its all about me”!

Question for the times…… “• What steps can you take to cultivate a selfless and humble heart of service?”

Let the Lord live Big in you each day…………

Its sad that we live in a day when the ignorant can stand up and preach; spueing forth insults upon their own brethren and spreading unChristlikeness and hundreds of their peers will rise up in agreement….. But let someone bring a true message from the Lord and most of the church turns a deaf ear. God is trying to say to us today: Love one another…….

Today, Let freedom find a voice; Yours. Don’t use your words to pick others apart while building yourself up. Tell of the Freedoms Jesus can bring………

We have both the privilege and the responsibility as believers to bring clarity to the public discourse, reminding people of the truth.. Don’t buy the lie that we must be silent on social and political issues. Take Christ into every arena….

Jesus did not come and die on the cross so that Theology students would have another argument…… God loves PEOPLE….. And the CROSS is the ONLY answer to the deepest needs of PEOPLE… The CROSS takes away the sins of the PEOPLE….. And it conforms the PEOPLE into the very image of JESUS….. Preach the CROSS with a burning desire to see PEOPLE saved………

We are in a process. God is looking for our direction (walking in the Spirit) not our sinless perfection; which we will never reach in this life. BUT, if we maintain proper faith in what Jesus did at Calvary; SIN SHALL NOT HAVE DOMINION OVER US.

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