Prayer Request… New Season…

Yes, its true.. Angie and I are preparing to leave MI and take up residence and move the ministry to Lexington, Virginia…. This will be a process and a total move will take a number of years. For the next few years we will be working out of both places. In October of this year, we begin this process and also start looking for property in the Lexington, VA area…. We earnestly desire the will of God in everything we do and we feel the Lord gave us the go ahead on our trip this month to VA. I was asked to preach in several places as well as give historical talks and even asked to take a lead role in Living History projects. We feel this appreciation and respect shown us is indeed a word from God to us. I would be honored if you all would keep us in your prayers during this exciting season in our lives and Ministry… Thanks. GBU

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2 Responses to Prayer Request… New Season…

  1. W. H. says:

    I will be praying for God’s favor on all of your new and exciting endeavors!!!     I have been wanting to call you and find out what you found out from your doctor….I love you and I care…..          


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