New Book Underway.

I have begun serious efforts to finish the last stages of my new book on my family history, General Paxton, and life lessons. I am posting some excerpts Free on my Elisha Franklin Paxton blog but do not want to post entire book. We feel this ministry is more than worth supporting and so we will be making the book available for a small price when its available. The blog will only contain tidbits and if you really want to see what God has placed in our hearts for our generation; gleaned from the previous dealings of previous generations, then by all means you will want to purchase this book when its done.
I have learned after 32 plus years of ministry that many want to feel they have penetrated the “inner Circle” but never want to bear the “burden”. God placed a small handful in my life that speak into my life regularly because they have proven by sweat, tears, and work that they believe in the foundation God has laid in our lives and want to see the vision God gave our ministry come to pass.
Truth becomes meaningful when it goes from your head to your heart…… and then to your hands……. Let us be diligent to become doer’s of the Word and not hearers only!

Here is what the Lord revealed to me as to my future direction in ministry. We have been praying about this for over 2 years and God gave me a blueprint. We will be moving to the Lexington VA area and I am going to right away begin the pursuit of Preaching the Word through from Genesis to revelation Verse by Verse. Also, We will be conducting 4 or 5 retreats a year at various Historical Locations in the USA. Writing will also be a major goal for the next 2 decades, Lord willing, as I prepare to graduate to Glory! We will continue to do our Radio and TV programming as well as traveling to speak: We will be giving First Priority on travel to those who participate in our radio and TV viewing!!! God has given us a small and growing number of partners who give to our ministry because they believe in the Foundation the Lord has laid in our lives and ministry. I deeply appreciate those faithful people!! More announcements to come soon.
I am entering a season, after 32 yrs of walking with the Lord and over 30 in the ministry, that God has me going through the 100’s of notebooks i have kept over the years and redoing many, many of the lessons He has taught me. The results of this will be coming in radio and tv messages, live crusades, and writing.
God bless you all till next time,

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5 Responses to New Book Underway.

  1. W. H. says:

    I want to purchase a copy of your book on our family history when it is ready Len.   God bless you, Wanda    


    • Sure W.H. It is not a Geneology. Simply deals with my thoughts about certain people in our pre 1900 world. and the lessons their lives have taught me. Really the 3 I deal with the most is General Paxton, Thomas “Buffalo” Paxton, and my Dad.

  2. btw…. for those reading this post….. The teaching videos we are doing and posting now are some of the most pointed and powerful God has ever given us. Our viewership has increased 68% in this month alone. The ones from Our Battlefield Prayer Tour are doing real well. I will be doing some in July also that will directly address some of the issues alluded to in this and other recent posts. The Lord has helped us to be able to schedule a number of new services in viewer areas such as Vermont, Oregon, Indiana, Michigan, Virginia, and Texas. Please be watching and avail yourself of the July and August video posts. God bless!

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