We are Clearing our Fall schedule.


After a Spring and Early summer season of prayer and, following the Leading of the Lord; Angie and I have cleared our entire Fall 2013 schedule. This fall we had schedules stops in Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Missouri. We have cancelled those with reschedule options for 2014. At this time, we will be focusing primarily on Northern Michigan with some very short trips into Ohio, Indiana, and Southern Michigan. God has laid a clarion call upon our hearts to strengthen home base area contacts and build support for a season.

We will be ministering alot in several towns and communities throughout North MI and the other sectors listed above. August 24th is our Sidewalk Prophets/Child Cry event…. Peter Furler comes to town on Labor Day weekend for the Bayside Music Festival…. And we are having Phil Joel this fall also!! WooHoo!! We will however, in this process be making several trips to Virginia……

I will also be taking this Fall to work on my writing (I am enrolled in an University writing class also at present) as well as allowing the Lord to develop a calling inside me for festival and street activities. A huge vision is being birthed inside us and we will be seeking the Lord intently over it! The direction will be the same and yet much more multifaceted in the future. The Lords promise to me is that everything will intensify… The Preaching; the music activities, the feeding programs; the historical retreats… etc… All will become permeated and saturated with a heavier anointing than ever before. Very often, I will be sharing timely and pertinant nuggets with you all here on this blog!

We are gearing up for AN ALL PUSH FOR JESUS AND ATTACK ON THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS….. If you are interested in joining us and can march in rank then please, feel free to contact and we will fill you in on what and who we are looking for.

Feeling like i have found another key to the very next door… Angie and I live pretty simple lives; we try hard not to get boggled down with ‘stuff’… Another serious challenge the Lord gave me at Friend Fest was once again found in something Peter Furler was saying… The Lord used what he was talking about to help us see clearly that we can do without alot of things.. We have decided to really go through the ‘things’; ‘stuff’ we have collected and get rid of alot of it… Tons of things we hardly use and probably will never get to on the list of “to do’s”…. I am opening a store online and selling much of what I own and dont use and using this money to feed some people; give them a Bible, just whatever….. I can’t take any of it with me anyway. Dig. Its just time for that all out push for Jesus in our lives.

God’s idea of time is not the same as ours. We understand time as a constant, linear progression but God sees time without boundaries, limits or schedules. Can you imagine one day being as a thousand years, or vice versa? The Lord’s definition of time does not fit into our neat box of calendars, clocks and sunsets..As Christians, we must learn to live in God’s timeline. We must surrender to His timing in all things. And we must be careful not to think that we have control over time, even our own. 2 Peter 3:10 says it best: But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up. There is a day coming when this earth will burn and those of us in Christ will be safe with Him……

God is waiting even now just for one more person to come to Him, before it is too late. One day could take a thousand years to complete, or a thousand years could be as one day, and then time is up. Is there time for one more person to come to Jesus? Only God knows; and that is why our time here on earth is precious.

Maybe you know someone who needs to come to Jesus. Maybe the Lord has been telling you to share His message with them, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Maybe time is running out and this may be their last chance. Do not let time pass by carelessly. One day the Lord will say to Jesus that time is up for people on earth. Are you ready for that time?

Our total purpose through this Fall season will to become ready to be used by the Lord to the Max and follow wherever He leads…..
God bless you all until Next Time,

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2 Responses to We are Clearing our Fall schedule.

  1. Angie Paxton says:

    Looking so much Forward to what God is going to do and ever thankful for what He has done….

  2. Angie Paxton says:

    Did you read the last post from Fighter Faith ; I think its called..? Many are moving in step with the Holy Spirit on things like this and similar…. Maybe it was another post by another blogger. I will check and send it to you…..

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