Update Aug. 20 , 2013

Well dear friends,
We are just a few days away from the Sidewalk Prophets benefit concert on Saturday, August 24. Angie and I along with several other faithful partners, have put hundreds of hours of hard work into this and are expecting a great event. It is really cool that 2 of our best friends, Paul and Cindy Cobb, are driving the 9 hour drive from their home in PA just to be here for the event. We have spent time at their home with them and now they are coming to our community. I am so blessed to have them. They have been such an encouragement to me personally. At a time when many were staying away in crowds, I could always look to Paul for encouragement… Can’t wait to see them again in person…. I am taking a couple of days off before the Concert to hang out with them. They are ministry supporters and Paul also serves on my board of Advisers. We are also looking very much forward to meeting Bennett Hughes for the first time. He is with Child Cry; a ministry of Times Square Church in New York City. They are one of the benefactors of this show! Ben is also an awesome musician and is our opening act for the show! He and I have been speaking by phone for a few years and its awesome to finally meet. One week after this will be the Peter Furler Show in TC. It is always great to see Peter.

In Sept. we will be starting a new series on Discipleship both in my revivals as well as on radio. It will be a hard core series that will pack quite a punch. There are many people hearing the Gospel…… alot are accepting Christ…… Fewer are letting Him change their lives….. So Many Are still really living for Themselves! I am persuaded that far too many feel that the church exists to meet their emotional needs rather than them, as believers, finding their true purpose serving God and building His kingdom.. This series will be controversial but exactly what the Lord wants His Church to hear. It is better to be hated for telling the Truth than to be loved for telling a lie! I truly hope many of you will plan to be with us on radio for the next few weeks….

See you all next time around. I leave you with this thought…
Living lives of lawlessness is just as great a danger in the believers life as is living a life bound by law.. You must allow the Holy Spirit to change you into what God wants you to be.. Faith in the finished work of Christ is the entrance. Be blessed as you grow In Him this weekend……….

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