Sidewalk Prophets Event Top Notch…..

Len and Angie with the Sidewalk Prophets.

Len and Angie with the Sidewalk Prophets.

Oh My dear friends,
What a totally awesome event we had with the Sidewalk Prophets event on August 24th…. Over a year and a half in the making, this concert super exceeded our wildest hopes… Always remember that God will honor prayer and labor of Love! We counted 930 ticket stubs and I really believe there were more than that at the event. Many have since told me it was one of if not the largest concert crowds in Traverse City for Christian music…..
I was also informed by several that this was the only time they have ever seen an opening act receive a standing ovation in TC. Our openers were Bennett Hughes and Jacob Steele.
Words like “Amazing” “Awesome” “Wow”, Phenomenal, etc…. abound even today about the event! I was asked by the Sidewalk Prophets to join them in their green room and share my heart for a few minutes and during that time, God spoke to my spirit and said He was going to do mighty things… And of course He Did! The Lord showed us that there were many people there who were at the end of their rope and needed an impartation of hope! So many precious people received just what they needed this night!!! We were so blessed to give over 200 hundreds away to single parents and their kids… I know God did a work in their hearts…..

The fund raising for both groups was effective and very enjoyable. I personally experimented with several approaches to this and we were able to send Child Cry home with over $3,500……
Angie and I would like to do a similar event in the future for another group we love “Lesea Global Feed The Hungry.” Knowing some of what we will need as it regards the Event team should help us a great deal.
Trying to recap an event like this is almost impossible. I do not really have words to express how weighty the power of God was that night. For days afterward, people are still talking about it! All Glory goes to Jesus Christ……

Dare to Believe…… You will see incredible things…. As followers of Jesus, You and I are Part of the Impossible!!!!

Like a line from one of the songs says…. Your voice can give the whole world hope!

Thanks to everyone who gave, helped, attended…. was involved in any capacity… See what the Lord can do when we live our lives for others and not ourselves..,.

God Bless You,

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