Ministry Activity Update. 9/18/2013

Well friends this is already turning out to be a very busy season for us here at the ministry. Today, we were able to donate tons of cleaning supplies and toothpaste for give away at the upcoming Traverse Life Clinic sponsored by our home church. So many of our faithful and dearest of friends have donated to our ministry this past month and we were able to turn some of that into a real worthwhile effort here in our own community.

Next week on Wednesday, we will be at Saw You at the pole in Grand Rapids. Great music by Sanctus real, The Neverclaim, Everfound, and Citizen Way. We will be giving away free Bibles and we have hundreds ready to go! I will shares pics and testimonies when we get back…..

For some reason I was locked out of this blog for a few days. We just got that remedied today (prayerfully)… So I am not a bit behind on sharing the excerpts of the new book. Look for one in the next few days. It is hard hitting truth that many can’t handle without the Help of the Holy Spirit.

I will update again soon as well. God bless,


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