First Quarter 2014 UPDATE!

Great event in Pineville KY

Great event in Pineville KY

Well a full 1/4 of the New Year is past us already.. Time flies when you are having fun…

Angie and I have been super busy and God has showed up in amazing ways. In January, we were able to print and place 60 of the Bibles in Africa. A whole school received them meaning that these young folks now a Bible of their own and for the first time. Bible distribution has held a special place in my heart. We will also be doing a follow up later this year.
We started the year out at Liberty University and Lexington VA… We hope all of you have seen the videos on our web site..
In Feb. we shifted our online radio programming to a mainly talk format BUT we do still do music shows from time to time. Speakers like Carter Conlon, John Piper, Dennis O’Daniel, Myself and others will be featured with critical messages for these last days.
March was a huge month.. Its been a long time since we did that many events in one month.. From Winter Jam to the Skillet, Peter Furler, Jeremy Camp show in Grand Rapids to Snow Jam with Kutless in Gaylord we were busy, busy, busy……. The local concert with Selah and JJ Heller and Mark Shultz here in TC was awesome too.

The end of March was a great event in Pineville KY…. Thanks to our generous partners we were able to give several hundreds of dollars of food and also 96 Bibles to the food pantry and youth conference. It was such a blessing.. Plus we got to hang out a bit with Mike; lead singer for 7eventh Time Down… They ROCKED the conference…..That area is one of the 3 poorest in the USA and God has formed a connection for us to bless them more in the future too. Words cannot describe how my heart goes out to those folks.. They were most gracious hosts to us as well making us a sponsor of the event.
On that same trip we also did a battlefield prayer tour in TN and KY and VA….. Pics are on our FB. Those videos should be on web site soon also…

I preached several times during the first quarter with messages such as Holy Emulation, Taking Risk in Conversation, The Message of the Cross, Mutual Ministry, Preaching Light, and so much more …. Some of these will be posted on the website for free download; all are available on CD for an offering.. I also did several new interviews on radio with Dennis O’Daniel, Random Hero’s Aaron Watkins,and Key of David….

We have no plans to slow down and please be watching for some cool events coming to city near you… Kansas City, Dallas, Chicago, Monroe, plus several other big stops on the horizon. I promise I will try to keep this blog more active… We Love you guys,
Pastor Len

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