The Trials We Face

Our Trials
Sometimes it is very difficult to maintain our courage during times of trial. Satan loves to discourage us and to put fear on us. Let none of us imagine that we will have smooth sailing merely because we follow Christ. Trials will come to each believer.God allows us to go through so that we can get to.
We must often go through something in order to get to something.

We grow spiritually as we encounter trials and learn to trust the Lord through them.

Allow me to share some things that I have learned about trials.
1-Trials and hardships can be used by God to build our character and purify our faith. [1Peter 1:3-7]
2-The trials that we go through can be used of God to help us have compassion on others and comfort them in their times of trial. [2 Cor. 1:3-7]
3-If we keep our eyes on Jesus and look for the eternal perspective, trials and tough times are survivable. [2 Cor. 4:7-18]
4- Our trials often cause us to examine ourselves and allows our foundation to be tested. If we are grounded firmly in the Lord Jesus Christ, we can make it through with our faith intact. [ Luke 6:47-49]
5-No matter what we are called upon to go through, no matter how hard or difficult: Jesus is always with us in the storms of life. We are never outside His watchful eye, His caring and compassionate embrace, and His holy, awesome, abiding presence. [Mark 4:35-41] and [ Matt. 28:20b]
6-God gives us hope right at the time when our heart is so very, very troubled. We can have the peace of Jesus in the midst of our greatest trials. [ John 14:1-7]
7- We must endure and persevere through our trials.

Read the following verses of Scripture.
Luke 8:15
James 1:2-4
Hebrews 12: 1-3
2 Timothy 4:7-8

In the times we are living in I believe that trials are going to increase, but so will our peace. Calamity is coming but so is our Lord. Dark days are truly ahead, but so is the finish line. As Christians, we should not fear what lies ahead but we must put our trust in the Lord.

Len Paxton

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2 Responses to The Trials We Face

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  2. W. H. says:

    This is a word in due season for my life right now…thanks Len…

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