Simply Believe


Simply Believe !

I love the account in Mark 9:14-29 about a boy that could not speak or hear and how he received his healing. Due to space, I will not type out those passages but this also tells us something else very important. If we can believe; Jesus can do it ! Whatever we may need !

We see in this passage a father who had almost lost faith; but his faith was in man. He was to soon come in contact with the Sea Walker, the Leper Cleansing man, the Blind Man healer; Jesus Christ. Jesus was and is; very man and very God. More than a man !

All that was required of this father was that he simply believe. That may seem impossible to us at times, but if we will believe God; He still performs miracles in our lives today ! Even though it may seem too simple, all that is required of us is to simply believe. Whatever we see Jesus doing in the pages of the Bible, He will do the same for us today. He never changes. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. [ Heb. 13:8]

My question to you is this; has the arm of the Lord been shortened?

The answer to that question is a resounding “NO”.

Today, in your life, it may seem that all hell has broken loose around you. It may seem like all of your faith is gone. But I want you to continue to hold on to the promise that our God has given you. If He said it, then it will come to pass. If you can believe it, then our Jesus can do it. Always remember, you are serving a great, big God– Don’t put Him in a box and don’t sell Him short. Our tremendous God can still save the lost and set the captive free.

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