Many have asked what we are Studying…… so, here is the answer.

Angie and I at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.

Angie and I at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.

Hello dear friends……
After receiving several letters asking what the Lord has been speaking to us and what we are studying right now, I felt compelled to write this new post.

At the beginning of this year I started by reading the entire ESV Bible through in 3 months. It was a super awesome journey through the Word of God in this wonderful new translation. I am now in the process of reading the 1984 NIV through in the Scofield edition. When I finish that, hopefully by August, I will read my Dakes through and then a NASB will come after that.

The Lord has had me reading alot of books by the Puritan authors as well as some by Francis Chan, Jonathon Falwell, Carter Conlon, and a handful of others. I try to stay away from modern day “fad” writers…. I find it best to stick to the Clear teaching of the Word of God.

After 2 solid years of preaching a ton of messages on Grace, God has sparked a flame within me to address some of the error and craziness in the modern church. This preaching will be coming in video form very shortly. Yes, we will also continue to preach Grace and Faith as well. It is time for so many to stop being carried and start walking by faith on their own. Some of the reasons why this has been hard for many is because of the error they have believed. We pray that as we proceed with God, many will be set free..

Angie has been reading her KJV/AMP through and is working on several new devotions. She, like myself, enjoys reading a variety of Puritan authors. Many of them she downloads on her Ipad and reads the digital books.

I sense a new season coming for Angie and I. We opened up a savings account in Lexington, Virginia at a local bank there and are planning a future move to Lexington. We just love it there so much and there are so many ministry doors God has opened. The Mountains draw us and we fell in love with that special town all over again. I will be writing some posts about Lexington and how God always deals with me there in the very near future. I believe in this season there will be alot more writing.

So I guess thats all for this time around… We pray the richest blessings of God on your life. We love you in the Lord,


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1 Response to Many have asked what we are Studying…… so, here is the answer.

  1. angiepaxton says:

    Can’t wait to get back to Lexington…. We have to go again this year.. I am going to use the last on my vacation time in October to go to Virginia! Love you Len. People in VA really appreciate you. and…… so do I.

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